We ship throughout Greece through Private Couriers or transport agency for heavy (or bulk) items.

Delivery of your order to the means of transport you have chosen is done the next working day after the finalization of your order and payment.


Shipping costs are as follows:

  • For parcels up to 2 kg, the charge is € 3.1.
  • For parcels heavier than 2 and up to 5 kg, the charge is € 4.75.
  • For parcels heavier than 5 and up to 10 kg, the charge is € 8.6.
  • For each kilo of more than 10, there is an additional charge of 0.8 € per kilo.

In case of delivery of the parcel by cash on delivery, there is an additional charge of € 1.45.


Shipping with transport agencies is suitable for heavy (or bulky) items. The cost in this case is of the order of 5.00 per package. In cases where the package is large, the amount may be higher (depending on the agency and the place of destination). As we can not always predict the relevant charge, in case you choose shipping with a transport agency a representative of our company will contact you for the exact cost.

The customer has the right to choose the transport agency he wants to undertake the shipment. Otherwise the agency is selected by our company. The collection is made from the headquarters of the agency. In this case (shipping with transport agencies) cash on delivery is not accepted. You are required to pay the amount of the order by bank deposit to the partner bank (see Payment Methods).

* The weight of an order may differ from the volumetric equivalent, resulting in a difference in shipping costs. This is because products with high volume and low weight are not priced based on their weight, but based on their volume.